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Use WordProof Timestamp on 1 website with 10 timestamps per month and limited features. Start now ⇒


€ 7,99 / month

1 website
timestamps per month
extra timestamps


€ 19,99 / month

3 websites
timestamps per month
extra timestamps


€ 39,99 / month

10 websites
timestamps per month
extra timestamps

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Frequently Asked Questions

WordProof helps you to prove that you were the first who published a piece of content. But you can not timestamp backwards. So the earlier you start timestamping, the earlier you enjoy the benefits!

There will be a small icon on the bottom of each page you have timestamped, see below:



Note: The green(ish) text is fully customizable.

The subscription you choose is depends on the amount of domains you want to timestamp. 

Up to 1 domain: Free or Hobby

2 - 3 domains: Growth

4 - 10 domains: Business

More than 10 domains:

No. We've tested our WordPress plugin on hundred's of WordPress websites and did not find any negative impact on page speed.

Monthly plans: Before the end of your monthly renewal date.

Yearly plans: Within the first 30 days of your subscription period. Or before your yearly renewal date.

Just send an email to: and for a cancelation.

Yes, you can refund the timestamps from previous months (paid plans only). Just send an email to: and ask for a refund.

No worries. You will keep all the timestamps that are in your account.