How Amsterdam Vintage Watches Makes Excellence Verifiable, On- and Offline

It takes a lot of time, knowledge and perseverance to become a successful vintage watch collector. Most damaging to the vintage watch sector are fraudulent practices, like offering replicas as genuine, or sharing misleading information about the condition of one of the watches.

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What is Amsterdam Vintage Watches?

Amsterdam Vintage Watches is a family run business, established in 1987, in a historical building in the heart of Amsterdam. Over the last decades, Amsterdam Vintage Watches has proven itself worthy of the trust of countless customers from around the globe.
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Amsterdam Vintage Watches has luxury watches, susceptible to fraud

Fraud with parts

Customers looking for vintage watches cannot know for sure whether the watch includes fraudulent parts.

Fraud with maintenance

Maintaining vintage watches is an art mastered by few people and is therefore susceptible to fraud.

Fraud with paperwork

In the world of luxury watches, fraud with paperwork unfortunately occurs more than it should.


Amsterdam Vintage Watches uses WordProof and V-ID to enable on- and offline verification of vintage watches


Powered by V-ID, Amsterdam Vintage Watches offers its customers certificates to verify authenticity, and includes photos of the watches’ unique features and markings that are impossible to duplicate.


For each watch, WordProof has timestamped the product description, photos and specifications on the blockchain. Amsterdam Vintage Watches customers can verify when and how the information changed.


The information about the watch and the watch itself is timestamped on the blockchain. Now and in the future: customers can verify the information and are able to hold Amsterdam Vintage Watches accountable.

Amsterdam Vintages Watches its most valuable asset is its name and credibility in the watch world. They ensure total originality.

Pim Voets
Lead Concept Development @ V-ID


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