WordProof Shopify App

WordProof Timestamp for Shopify empowers Shopify website owners to effortlessly timestamp their online content, enhancing trust, transparency, and security for both businesses and consumers. Shopify website owners can now seamlessly add timestamp data to their Schema.org mark-up, ensuring that their content is provably authentic and tamper-proof. As more consumers demand transparency and accountability from online businesses, the integration of WordProof’s timestamp technology within the Shopify ecosystem will help website owners stay ahead of the curve and build trust with their audience.

WordProof, a leading provider of blockchain-based timestamping solutions, is proud to announce the launch of WordProof Timestamp for Spotify, a new plugin developed for e-commerce websites that use Shopify as its Content Management System (CMS), currently used by 5,6% of all websites built with CMS. With plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Shopify, 48% of all websites on the internet can now set up WordProof within minutes!

I’m a Shopify developer

WordProof started as a WordPress plugin and aims to fix the broken web. WordPress just represents a part of the web, and that’s why we’d love to break out the WordPress ecosystem.

Implement the WordProof Shopify App for yourself and your customers and let us know which ideas, feature requests or feedback you have. We’re very open to collaborating and improving our apps, plugins, and ecosystem together.