Verifiable truth

As trust in the internet is in decline, more and more websites show when content was last edited. However, visitors don't (and shouldn't) always believe this information to be accurate.

Distrust in the internet is causing people to change the way they behave online

According to the 2019 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust, 39% says they use the internet more selectively, among other precautions.

For more trust, transparency is important

Websites update content without showing what was changed . Witholding this information might lead to distrust with your visitors: why is this website hiding what was changed? However, displaying this information won't automatically lead to more trust, since the information is stored in your database and can be easily manipulated.

WordProof Timestamp takes away the need for your visitors to trust you: they can verify the information using blockchain technology.

How it works

WordProof Timestamp works with any WordPress website and adds a pop-up to timestamped content. The pop-up is opened when a visitor clicks on the text link or WordProof badge.

Text link or WordProof badge

At the bottom of a timestamped piece of content, website visitors can open the pop-up by clicking on the text or WordProof badge. The text style will automatically match the style of the website and can be easily customised.

Content last updated on

Visitors can see when content was last updated. They don't need to trust this information: they can easily verify it. It is impossible for a website (or third party) to modify the content in such a way that the visitor can't see this.

Start today

WordProof Timestamp is available for every WordPress website. Show when your content was last updated and give your visitors the tools to verify this information.