Time Machine

A more trustworthy internet starts with transparent information. Show visitors how content changed over time and give them the tools to verify the information.

Compare Revisions

In an era of fake news, websites still update content without proper transparency (what was changed and when did it change?). However, displaying this information won't automatically lead to more trust, since it can be easily manipulated. WordProof Timestamp uses blockchain technology to take away the need for visitors to trust your database. They can easily verify the integrity of the content.

Time Machine pop-up

How it works

All revisions are saved and accessible to your readers. Although it is recommended to enable the Time Machine, this feature can be disabled entirely or for specific pieces of content.

Differences between revisions are highlighted and visitors can mathematically verify when the content was last updated and how, increasing the trustworthiness of your website. What do you have to hide?

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WordProof Timestamp is available for every WordPress website. Distinguish yourself from the competition by being transparent about your content.