Copyright Protection

WordProof Timestamp combines mathematical algorithms with blockchain technology to protect your copyright.

WordProof Copyright Protection with Blockchain technology

How it works

WordProof Timestamp works with any WordPress website. The API can be used by enterprises.

Content is published or updated

Text, images, PDFs or other forms of content that exists in your WordPress website.

Content is transformed into a hash

Hashing is a mathematical algorithm that generates a unique fingerprint for every piece of content.

Hash is added to the blockchain

The hash is added to the blockchain. It can't be removed or altered by anyone, ever.

Blockchain certificate is ready for download

You can download a PDF proving the existence at that time. It includes the input that led to the hash, a link to the blockchain transaction and more.


Your content is timestamped automatically in the background each time it is updated.


Mathematical algorithms and blockchain technology are used to create indisputable proof.


Download the blockchain certificates (PDF) straight to your computer: they remain valid forever.


How Blom & Blom takes down copyright violators

Creative design is a delicate process that takes valuable time. Carefully crafted concepts come to life in the Blom & Blom workshop, but also in the workshops of less creative copycats. Read this case study to find out how WordProof Timestamp has helped Blom & Blom to take down copyright violators.

Start today

WordProof Timestamp is available for every WordPress website. Show when your content was last updated and give your visitors the tools to verify this information.