WordProof Magento Extension

WordProof has hundreds of users for its WordPress plugin. We’re very eager to bring WordProof to Magento. If you want to use WordProof on Magento, leave your mail address here, to indicate your interest. It’ll help us in reaching out to Magento developers.

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I’m a Magento developer

WordProof started as a WordPress plugin and aims to fix the broken web. WordPress just represents a part of the web, and that’s why we’d love to break out the WordPress ecosystem.

As we have 12 years of experience with WordPress, we KNOW the best way to do this is with developers and members of the Magento community, together! 

Check our code on GitHub, check Sebastiaan’s articles on WordProof and eCommerce, and reach out to us to create the WordProof Magento Extension. 

We have people reaching out to us to use it already.

To give you an expression, here’s what setting up WordProof looks like in WordPress. As you see it’s a real-life blockchain use-case with both an open-source plugin and a SaaS model. We’d love to discuss terms with you!