WordProof for Drupal

Enable trust, protect your content & prepare for next-generation SEO
with the official WordProof for Drupal extension, developed by SWIS.


Verifiable trust

Show visitors when content was last updated and allow them to easily verify this information.


Protect your copyright and download the proof

Download PDFs that indisputably proof the existence of your content, on your website, at different moments in time. Use this proof with the Copyright Infringement Tool to effectively take down copycats.

For less than one hour worth of attorney fees, WordProof Timestamp has protected hundreds of our designs with blockchain.

Martijn Blom - Founder Blom & Blom

Structure your content - be ready for the future

Authenticity should not only be verifiable for humans, but also for search engines and social media networks. Timestamps will be added to the structured data to make this happen.