How customer loyalty app Stampwallet saved over € 20.000

After Stampwallet captured most of the market share on Curaçao,  the customer loyalty app moved to The Netherlands and started its international expansion.  In this case study, you will learn why Stampwallet started timestamping and how it saved them over € 20.000.

What is Stampwallet?

Stampwallet helps businesses to automate their customer loyalty program. Businesses using Stampwallet can reward customers with loyalty points (which can be shared), and the Stampwallet app offers coupons to consumers using the app to increase sales for businesses. Additionally, businesses can get directly in touch with their customers via the message center.


Stampwallet updated its Terms & Conditions, but not everyone believed the timing

Notice or redemption

The new terms and conditions obligated a notice period of 6 months in order to end the contract, or a redemption fee of €20.000 to end the contract directly.

Customer conflict

One client decided to cancel their subscription and refused to pay the redemption fee, because they didn't think the new terms applied to their contract.

Difficult to prove

Even though Stampwallet was certain that the new terms applied to the contract, they had difficulties proving when and how the terms were changed.


Stampwallet used WordProof to timestamp their webpages as soon as they were published or modified


All content on the Stampwallet website is automatically timestamped on the blockchain as soon as it is published or modified.


It is impossible to tamper with the information or dates of the timestamps, which makes the proof indisputable (and solving the conflict).


For each timestamp, a blockchain certificate can be downloaded which proofs the details and date of the publication or modification.

As an entrepreneur, you always try to avoid legal issues with customers. WordProof really helped me to avoid those headaches and maintain a good relationship with my former client.

Wouter Meeuwise
Managing Director @ Stampwallet


There was no doubt about which terms and conditions applied to the clients contract

Redemption fee

With the downloadable pdf certificate, Stampwallet was able to take away doubts about which contract was active. Consequently, the customer paid € 20.000 in redemption fees.

Legal costs

Besides receiving the redemption fee, Stampwallet saved quite some legal costs. Stampwallet didn’t have to take legal action, which would have costed both time and money.

Good relationship

Often overlooked in such cases, but Stampwallet and its customer were able to maintain a healthy relationship. There no longer was any doubt about the outcome.


Curious how WordProof Timestamp can help your business?

Prevent conflicts an preserve relationships.