How Utopia Capital Research proves their track record

The financial world is both interesting and complicated, but transparency has always been a difficult subject for financial applications. However, Utopia Capital Research did choose to be transparent by timestamping their trade alerts with WordProof. Read more about their problems and the implemented solution in this case study.

What is Utopia Capital Research?

Utopia Capital Research is an online membership platform managed by activist short sellers and veteran traders. They specialize in counter-trend short trading some of the most volatile stocks in the USA equity markets. Trade alerts are published on their website, which has resulted in a proven track record.


Utopia Capital Research is in a market susceptible to fraud

Timing is important

Utopia Capital Research analyses and trades some of the riskiest (most volatile) stocks in the world.

Trust in a market of distrust

Traders looking for trustworthy trading advice can't verify the quality of the alerts , unless a third party verifies them.

Fraud with paperwork

Centralized third party track record verification systems are rare and still require some sort of trust in order to function.


Utopia Capital Research uses WordProof to timestamp all of its trading alerts and publications.


Utopia Capital Research needs to focus on what they do best: trading. WordProof runs automatically on the background and makes sure all publications are  timestamped.


Both existing members and interested parties can verify at what time the trade alerts were published, and if the alerts were modified after publication.


Investors no longer need to trust Utopia Capital Research as a third party. Blockchain technology allows them to hold each other accountable, instead of needing to trust each other.

WordProof helps us in being transparent so we can focus on taming wild stocks with timestamped precision.

Researcher @ Utopia Capital Research


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