New: Timestamp your legal pages with Yoast SEO!

The word is out! WordProof has partnered with Yoast SEO to bring the power of timestamps to all Yoast SEO users.

Using the latest version of Yoast SEO (19.2), you can use WordProof to timestamp your Privacy Policy page (and Terms & Conditions page if the WooCommerce plugin is active).

Yoast and WordProof believe that a trusted web is a better web, for all of us. To help make that trust a reality, Yoast integrated WordProof to help you easily timestamp your content. By adding a timestamp on your privacy policy and terms & conditions, you can prove exactly when its content was created/edited and guarantee that it has not changed since then.

How to start timestamping with Yoast SEO

From Yoast SEO version 19.2, you can enable the WordProof integration will be via Yoast SEO > General > Integrations (unless you use WordPress Multisite which is not supported yet).

After opening your privacy policy page, open the Yoast SEO panel and click on Advanced. You will see a new section called Timestamp with WordProof, with a toggle to timestamp the current page.
When you enable the toggle, a pop-up will open where you can create a free account with WordProof. This is necessary because your timestamps will be connected to your account. You can use your account to view your timestamps, download your blockchain certificates, change your settings, and upgrade your plan (if you want to!).
Enter your name, email address and password to sign up. You can read about what WordProof does in the screens on the right side of the pop-up.
You will be asked to grant Yoast SEO permission to manage the WordProof account you just created, and to grant WordProof permission to view your website’s domain name. Click on Authorize to continue.

WordProof will now try to connect to your website. This should work out of the box, but websites with additional security measures such as firewalls might require a few additional steps. Read more about connection issues in this help article.
Great! WordProof appears to be working correctly. Click Continue and update of publish your page to place your first timestamp. Exciting!
View your page to see if the timestamp was placed successfully. It should look something like this, but it might take a few seconds (and in some extreme cases up to a minute) before this will be added. This has to do with transaction times on the blockchain.

You can modify the shield icon (“certificate link”) in your My WordProof account. Read more about modifying the blockchain certificate link in this help article.

Clicking on the icon will open the certificate with information about your page. Visitors can compare versions by clicking on the Compare Versions by default, but you can easily disable this by opening your settings.

Modifying your settings

Go back to your privacy page and open the Advanced tab in the Yoast SEO plugin panel.

Click on Manage WordProof settings, opening the WordProof pop-up.
Click on Go to My WordProof to open the settings page for your WordProof account.
Content settingsShow content revisions to my visitors
This setting enables and disables the Compare Versions button in the certificate. Disable this feature if you don’t want your visitors to compare all the revisions of your page. It is not possible to selectively remove specific versions: you either enable or disable the setting.

Certificate link – Choose the text for your link
This text will be shown next to the icon.

Don’t show the certificate link under content
Enabling this toggle will hide the certificate link and certificate altogether. Your visitors will not be able to use it to verify when your content was last changed, but the timestamp data will still be added to your output.

What’s next?

Your legal pages have been timestamped — a great start! With the Yoast SEO integration, you receive 10 timestamps per month for free so you can timestamp your legal pages. You can upgrade your plan via in case you need more timestamps.

To timestamp more content, you can install the standalone WordProof Timestamp plugin. This includes other pages, posts, custom post types, media files and more. Your timestamps and website settings will transfer with you when you start to use the standalone WordProof plugin.

Jelle van der Schoot

Jelle van der Schoot

Product Lead at WordProof

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