Performance improvements: CLS & Web Vitals

In November 2020, Google announced a new ranking factor called ‘Page Experience’ which would be activated in May 2021. Page Experience consists of multiple ‘Core Web Vitals’ and Google has since been recommending website owners on how they can improve this score. For more information about Web Vitals and the upcoming changes, head to for their long read on Core Web Vitals.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is one of the Core Web Vitals and measures the ‘unexpected’ layout shift for the user, which is not considered to be user friendly. To prepare for this new ranking factor, WordProof has updated its WordPress-plugin so there is no negative impact on Page Experience. Furthermore, a brand new Timestamp Certificate will be launched in April. The new pop-up will be significantly lighter and faster than the current certificate, and will be easier to understand for website visitors.

Jelle van der Schoot

Jelle van der Schoot

Product Lead at WordProof

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