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Protect your work, get notified of infringements and take down copyright violators. Fully automated.


The internet brings opportunities, but has its downsides.

Creative work is copied by others

Anyone can copy and paste on the internet, which hurts content creators. 

Taking down copyright infringements is difficult

Both looking for infringements and taking action is an expensive, time-consuming and difficult process.

Claiming copyright is expensive and time-consuming

Copyright laws were not created with the internet in mind. Formally protecting work can be done more efficiently.


Benefits of WordProof Timestamp

WordProof Timestamp works on every WordPress website.

Automatically protect your work

The unique fingerprint of your work is added to the blockchain. You can download the proof which you can use to take down copycats. The entire process is automated, so you can focus on that what matters most: creating content.

Notifications of copyright infringements

WordProof searches the web for your timestamped images. As soon as we find your image, you receive a notification with information about the infringement. You can then take action against copycats using the proof in the downloadable Blockchain Certificate (PDF), or decide otherwise.

Take down copycats

WordProof provides you with proof that you had access to the content at a specific point in time, and notifies you when your content is copied by someone else. You can then use the WordProof Copyright Infringement Letter Generator to save legal fees and take immediate action.

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