European Added Value


Valid information sharing

Websites providing legal or medical advice, information from government agencies, police messages, forecasts, information about rates: it impacts people their lives.

A lack of trust on the internet will result in a less effective transfer of information.

Timestamped content ensures ownership, accountability, and transparency. This will create trust en fight deception.

Increasing trust and accountability

Many organisations need trust to make their presence on the web effective. With WordProof, people are able to distinguish real messages from those coming from troll farms.

Reviews help consumers with their buying decisions. Websites with reviews are struggling to distinguish fake and real reviews. Another known problem is that journalists write reviews about products even before they are launched. WordProof solves both.

Commercials that use well-known people without consent are not only damaging those individuals, but also deceive the public. Tier levels and multi-signature timestamps help prevent identity fraud in marketing.

Search engines and social media platforms are served in their fight against fake news by determining the legitimacy of articles and define the reach of distribution based on tier levels.

Intellectual property

Theft of content or plagiarism is often challenging to prove. Adding timestamps to content will protect the originator and act as proof of intellectual property.

WordProof can protect individuals and organisations against fraud and abuse of their original content or persona. Tier levels and multi-signature timestamps are the way forward.

Social media platforms and search engines can use timestamps to distinguish legit versus fraudulent content and acknowledge the rightful owner when content sharing takes place – small matters again.

Consumer protection

A large number of business transactions are done via the internet. Consumers have to assume data – including terms and conditions – are not altered after agreements are finalised.

63% of Europeans distrust e-commerce platforms. It impacts online economic development: 12% will make fewer purchases online (IPSOS).

Timestamps give consumers indisputable ownership of agreements and create a level playing field for consumers and suppliers in case of disputes.

Timestamps allow consumers to control their data, instead of the vendor who uses centralised systems, while being fiscal en legally compliant.