WordProof Update: 200K timestamps, better UX, OAuth, WordProof Files and more!

A lot has happened over at WordProof HQ since our last update. An increase in users has led to over 200K timestamped posts, pages and images with the automated service. The plugin has been updated to include OAuth, the new WordProof Files product has launched and WordProof Founder Sebastiaan van der Lans spoke at WordCamp Miami, before the COVID-19 crisis took place. Read more in this update.

It’s all about the details… Thanks for the feedback!

A word of thanks to our users for all of the feedback. It’s all about the details, so we have greatly improved the UX of the plugin, My WordProof area and signup. Using WordProof Timestamp should feel way smoother and complete now. Let us know what you think!

The box on the right indicates if the post is timestamped.

New users, more timestamps

As the number of users using WordProof Timestamp grows, the number of timestamps grows. In total, over 200 thousand pieces of content have been protected using the WordProof Timestamp plugin for the WordPress CMS. For each timestamp, a PDF exists with proof of the timestamp.

WordProof Files for non-WordPress users

The number one feature request has been support for non-WordPress users. Even though one third of the website on the internet are built with WordPress, a large number of people don’t necessarily have a website they can timestamp from. We are thrilled to announce the new product WordProof Files, which can be activated in the My WordProof dashboard. You can drag & drop files to timestamp them, after which you can download the PDF with the proof of the timestamp.

Hello, OAuth!

The WordProof Timestamp plugin now works with the OAuth protocol to authenticate the plugin with a user’s My WordProof account. Because of this, the plugin is compatible with more servers, which means more WordPress websites can timestamp their content without difficulties.

Recap: WordCamp Miami 2020

WordProof Founder Sebastiaan van der Lans spoke at WordCamp Miami 2020 about WordPress, blockchain and an open-source future. Watch his talk:

Webinar about digital marketing and blockchain

Blockchain Nederland organised a webinar about digital marketing and blockchain in which WordProof Founder Sebastiaan van der Lans took part. Find out more information for upcoming webinars on the event page.

Jelle van der Schoot

Jelle van der Schoot

Product Lead at WordProof

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