WordProof Update: October — Improved Blockchain Certificate and Media Timestamps!

The first version of the Blockchain Certificate was functional, but difficult to use and understand. After talking with WordProof users and their visitors, we proudly present the renewed Blockchain Certificate! In this WordProof Update, you will see the new Certificate and read more about other developments.

To start: WordProof now pays CPU resources for all our users’ timestamps. Due to large volume on the EOS network, some users noticed that their timestamps did not go through correctly. A great way to go forward!

Let’s have a look at what happened in October!

New users for WordProof Timestamp automatic

It has been one month since the onboarding for My WordProof opened and we have welcomed many new people trying and using WordProof Timestamp. The video below shows you how the setup works, available with French and Spanish subtitles as well, thanks to community members Sam & Rochelle!

WordProof Timestamp Guide

Blockchain Certificate 2.0

Both websites using WordProof Timestamp to protect their content, as well as the visitors of those websites, had a hard time interpreting the Blockchain Certificate. The new Blockchain Certificate is easier to understand and easier to use, with some interesting new features.

Indication of trust for website visitors

The opening screen has two versions: the content is WordProof or the content is not WordProof. We consider content not WordProof if it changed since the last timestamp. What does the website have to hide for it to change the content without giving visitors the tools to hold them accountable?

The certificate indicates whether the content has changed since the last timestamp

Compare revisions

The certificate has a new feature: revision compare. Visitors are able (if the website has activated the option) to compare different versions of the same content, so they can see how it developed over time. Transparency leads to a more trustworthy internet: give your visitors the tools they need!

Compare different revisions of the same content

You can see the new certificate in action on Dutch publisher indebuurt.nl. To compare revisions, have a look at WordProof founder Sebastiaan his personal blog on WordPress x Blockchain.


Accessibility expert Rian Rietveld (from Dutch WordPress agency Level Level) has helped us to make the new certificate accessible for everyone. Although this is an ongoing process that hasn’t finished yet, we are excited to see where the new certificate can go!

Media timestamps —Images, Videos, PDFs

Media timestamps are (almost!) fully integrated into WordProof Timestamp and the My WordProof portal. You can timestamp your media files directly from your WordPress Media Library. Soon, you will be able to download the blockchain certificates of those media files!

Effect Force translating WordProof Timestamp

Our partner Effect.AI is translating WordProof Timestamp into many different languages. The WordProof Timestamp video is now available with Spanish and French subtitles, while the new certificate is being translated in +15 languages. More on this coming soon!

WordProof x Shifter: WordCamp US and WordCamp Tokyo

WordProof partner Shifter — the WordPress hosting solution that combines static site generation and serverless architecture with the world’s most popular CMS — was present at WordCamp Tokyo and WordCamp US. They had WordProof stickers and flyers that explained the WordProof use-case.

WordProof in Philadelphia, US

WordProof in the Media

Savvii — Dutch Managed WordPress Hosting

Savvii published an article about content protection with WordProof Timestamp and blockchain. Read the article (in Dutch), which also includes a short guide on how to get started!

Shifter — Serverless-Static WordPress Hosting

Shifter wrote an interesting article about content protection and how WordProof Timestamp tackles those problems.

Shifter x WordProof

Upcoming meetups

WordProof will be present at two events in November.

EOSIO Blockchain Developer Workshop (Utrecht, November 10)

Work on Blockchain organises an EOSIO blockchain developer workshop. Marijn — Lead Developer at WordProof — will give the workshop with Jack Tanner (Work on Blockchain) and Laurens Verspeek (Effect AI). The workshop is free to attend, so if you have experience with developing and are interested in blockchain development, make sure to sign up!

Special thanks to the sponsors: Telos (through their on-chain decentralized governance process!), Effect AI, EOS Amsterdam and last but not least: Lisk Center Utrecht for hosting the event.

WordPress Meetup (Heerhugowaard, November 28)

Jelle — Product Lead at WordProof — will talk about WordPress x Blockchain and WordProof Timestamp at the WordPress Meetup Heerhugowaard.

What we’re working on

Besides improvements to the WordProof Timestamp plugin and My WordProof portal, the following new features are in development:

  • Downloadable blockchain certificates for content creators
  • WordProof Copyright Infringement Claim Tool
  • Timestamps for e-Commerce websites
  • Directory with all the Blockchain Certificates
  • LiquidAccounts / oreID implementation

Stay updated about WordProof developments

Jelle van der Schoot

Jelle van der Schoot

Product Lead at WordProof

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